Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #209 - 2/23/05

Guess the Music Movie

It's Oscar Week, so see if you can figure out which music movie I'm describing from this short plot description.

1. 19th century Parisians sing songs that won't be popular until years later, actress dies of consumption
2. Princess who likes to read meets very hairy friend while household items sing
3. Gang leader joins track team to impress cheerleader, who joins girl gang to impress him
4. Stage performer watches parents fight, rides around on motorcycle, won't listen to song that his female bandmates wrote for him
5. Kids jump in mud, guy cleans Port-o-Sans, kids get warned not to eat brown acid
6. Silent film actors and dancers try to deal with the transition to sound
7. Large Austrian family sings, escapes Nazis
8. Italians vs. Puerto Ricans, and it's all fun until someone gets hurt
9. Old Cubans get lost looking for club, sing, play dominoes, go to New York
10. Composer giggles, tells dirty jokes, plays party games, and irritates fellow composer
11. Two hunters stumble on Scottish town that only appears once every 100 years
12. Singers kill lovers, go to prison, hire lawyer to get off easy, team up for stage act
13.10/16-20/74, Winterland
14. Band takes train to appear on TV show, plays in field, bassist's very clean grandfather talks drummer into going out for a walk
15. Group of actors re-enact the Passion story with modern-day music
16. Actress marries President of Argentina, goes on tour, dies young
17. Child represses senses, attracts big following, and plays pinball

Bonus: Two female and two male singers go to Vermont to put on a show to help the male singers' old World War II Army buddy

Good Luck!!!

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