Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #205 - 1/26/04

1985 - 20 Years Ago

By now, our paths had diversified. Many of us were in college, partying, going to basketball games, and trying to figure out what we wanted to do with our lives. Some of us had joined the service and were in hot spots like Beirut or Korea. Some had decided to go to work after high school - and some of us were parents now! This is the music we were listening to 20 years ago.

1. What was the name of the one-off group that released the charity single "We Are The World?"
2. In what two cities did the Live Aid concerts take place?
3. In 1985, she played at Live Aid, went on her first tour, married Sean Penn, and had nude photos published in both Penthouse and Playboy. Who was she?
4. What 50s singer was killed in a plane crash on New Year's Even 1985?
5. This future superstar had her first hit, "You Give Good Love," in 1985.
6. What did Michael Jackson do in 1985 that upset his old friend Paul McCartney?
7. Prince released this album in 1985 as a follow-up to "Purple Rain."
8. Jan Hammer had a Number One instrumental hit with the theme from this TV show.
9. This innovative video from 1985 featured animated pencil drawings and a person jumping into a comic book - what was the song and band?
10. What 1985 hit by the Commodores was a tribute to Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson?
11. Murray Head had a strange hit in 1985 with this song about...chess?
12. He claimed his Number One hit, "Sussudio," was supposed to represent the sound of a drum roll.
13. 1985 was the first year we heard from an African singer with a smooth jazz voice, in "Smooth Operator." Who is she?
14. What was the title of Julian Lennon's song with the chorus "Sitting on a pebble by the river, playing guitar?"
15. David Lee Roth released his first solo hit in 1985, a cover of a Beach Boys song. What was it?
16. In April 1985, Wham! played a historic concert in what country?
17. Her 1985 hits included "Better Be Good to Me," "Private Dancer " and "We Don't Need Another Hero."

Bonus: What band released a song about someone stuck in "1985" last year?

Good Luck!!!

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