Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #203 - 1/12/05

1975 - 30 Years Ago

Now in late elementary school, 1975 is the first year in which I can say I knew every song on the charts. And what songs those were! Elton was everywhere, the Rolling Stones were huge, Venus and Mars were all right tonight, 60s stars were coming back in droves, disco was just getting started, Chicago toured with the Beach Boys, and then in the late summer, things really got interesting when the Sunshine Band broke out of Hialeah, Florida and invited all of us to join the party. For some of us, the party still goes on!

1. Elton John had a huge year in 1975 - in June, one of his albums debuted at Number One on the album chart, a much bigger deal then than it was now. What was the album?
2. One of the most disliked hits of 1975 was "Lovin' You," by what singer?
3. The Captain and Tennille had their first hit in the summer of 1975 with what? (Bonus points - who wrote it?)
4. He was born Antwan Andre Patton in Atlanta on February 1, 1975, but OutKast fans know him as who?
5. The Bee Gees had their first Number One hit in several years with this song that announced a new style for them. What was it?
6. She had her first hit, "This Will Be," in 1975 - who is she?
7. Glen Campbell compared himself to what in 1975?
8. Which Chicago album of original material was released in the spring of 1975?
9. We know them, we love them, they're a big part of the music of Becky's Island, but can you tell me which of KC and the Sunshine Band's major hits was their first to go to Number One in the summer of 1975?
10. And which of their songs was Number One for two weeks in the fall of 1975?
11. "Pick Up the Pieces" was a hit in early 1975 for this Scottish band who were anything but what their name signified.
12. This group announced their 1975 tour by performing on the back of a flatbed truck moving down Fifth Avenue in New York City.
13. He wasn't a P.I.M.P. yet when he was born on July 6, 1975.
14. This Number One hit for Freddy Fender was sung partially in Spanish.
15. This German studio group had a Number One hit with "Fly, Robin, Fly" in December 1975.
16. The Four Seasons' comeback hit in 1975 might have been inspired by Kojak. What was it?
17. Of "Philadelphia Freedom," "Island Girl," "Someone Saved My Life Tonight," and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," which was not a Number One hit for Elton John in 1975?

Bonus: In 1975, this singer wasn't very famous, but somehow he ended up on the covers of Time and Newsweek in the same week. The stunt backfired and he didn't receive massive sales until the 80s. Who was he?

Good Luck!!!

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