Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #201 - 12/29/04

1965 - 40 Years Ago

Oh, come on, turning 40 isn't going to be that bad. This quiz is for all of us who were born in 1965, even though we surely don't remember this music.

1. Mattie and Hattie have several conversations in this song, one of the biggest hits of 1965.
2. This married couple had their first hit in 1965 with "I Got You Babe."
3. The soundtrack album from what James Bond movie was the top-selling album in the United States in the spring of 1965?
4. This French classical composer, a major influence on both Frank Zappa and Chicago's Robert Lamm, died on November 6, 1965.
5. "Rescue Me" was a big hit in the Fall of 1965 for who?
6. This Supremes hit, complete with police-inspired choreography, hit Number One in March 1965.
7. What Beatles movie had its premiere in July 1965?
8. He was born on May 17, 1965, and he later went on to found Nine Inch Nails. Who is he?
9. This Becky's Island favorite band was formed in 1965 as The Warlocks. By the end of the year, they were known as what?
10. The Rolling Stones' signature song was Number One for them in July 1965 - what is it?
11. Released in July 1965, this was Bob Dylan's biggest hit, peaking at number 2.
12. The Who's first major song was released to resounding indifference in the US in 1965 - what was it?
13. Nobody listens to techno on September 11, 1965, when this (bald-headed) baby was born.
14. Which Canadian country-pop singer was born Eileen Edwards on August 28, 1965?
15. In November 1965, who produced his first concert at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco?
16. "She's About a Mover" was a hit in 1965 for what band?
17. The Byrds had a Number One hit in December 1965 that featured lyrics adapted from the Bible. What was the song?

Bonus: Barbara Mason's "Yes I'm Ready" was a hit in 1965. Who hit with a remake of the song in 1980?

Good Luck!!!

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