Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #200 - 12/22/04


We made it to 200 and haven't repeated a topic yet!

1. What is her real name?
2. Madonna's "big break" came as a backup dancer to this one-hitter who sang "Born To Be Alive."
3. What was Madonna's first US chart hit, from 1983?
4. Madonna's first, and some say best, film role was in this movie with Rosanna Arquette.
5. Madonna's first Number One hit in the US was sort of a pun on her first name - what was it?
6. This Madonna video was a tribute to Marilyn Monroe, even down to the dress Madonna wore.
7. With what British act did Madonna sing with at Live Aid?
8. "Live To Tell" appeared on the soundtrack of a movie which starred Madonna's husband at the time - who was it?
9. In what video did Madonna convincingly play the teenaged daughter of Danny Aiello?
10. Which Madonna song was originally set to serve as a Pepsi ad before it got pulled as too controversial?
11. In 1990, Madonna had a part in what Warren Beatty movie?
12. This tribute to old Hollywood disguised as a dance song hit the top of the charts in 1990.
13. What was the name of the photo book Madonna released in 1992?
14. This ballad from 1995 stayed at Number One for seven weeks and is her biggest hit.
15. Madonna received a Golden Globe Award in 1997 for her starring role in what musical?
16. Madonna's latest Number One hit is also the title song of her 2000 album.
17. Madonna sang the theme for, and appeared in, what James Bond movie?

Bonus: My favorite Madonna song, "Beautiful Stranger," was released on the soundtrack to what movie?

Good Luck!!!

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