Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #199 - 12/15/04/04


Prince is probably the best all-around musician of our times - he plays guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards, writes, sings, appears in movies, produces himself, writes and produces for others...the only thing he hasn't done is get a quiz for himself on Becky's Island. Well, who else was I going to spotlight for quiz 199?

1. What is his real name?
2. What city did Prince grow up in (he still lives there)?
3. What was the title of Prince's first album, released in 1978?
4. Prince's first hit single peaked at Number 11 in late 1979. What was it?
5. His 1999 album was released in what year?
6. The first two hits from that album were "Little Red Corvette" and "1999." What was the third?
7. What was the name of the semi-autobiographical movie Prince starred in in 1984?
8.What was unusual about the instrumentation of "When Doves Cry," Prince's first Number One hit?
9. Who was the female singer/percussionist who worked with Prince for years?
10. What did Prince not do in February 1985 that raised some eyebrows?
11. "Kiss" and "Mountains" were from the soundtrack to what movie?
12. This 1987 album is generally considered to be Prince's masterpiece.
13. Prince duetted on "U Got The Look" with who?
14. Prince had a Number One hit in 1989 with a sound collage - what was it called?
15. What was the name of Prince's band in the early '90s?
16. In 1993, Prince did something very strange which he has since reversed. What did he do?
17. What was the name of Prince's latest CD, released in 2004?

Bonus: Some say it was a sneaky way to boost sales. Some say it was a brilliant marketing move. What did Prince do with his latest cd that caused it to sit in the Top Ten of the Billboard Album charts for months?

Good Luck!!!

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