Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #192 - 10/27/04

College Fight Songs

Ohio State, my favorite team isn't having a very good season, but it's still fun to watch college football games. Music is always a part of these games - see if you can remember these fight songs and other musical traditions you'll find at stadiums on Saturdays in the fall.

1. "Hail to the Victors valiant, hail to the conquering heroes, hail, hail, to" who?
2. Which New England school has a "Stein Song?"
3. "Sons Of Westwood" is this school's fight song.
4. Clemson and Louisiana State both use a version of this song as a fight song.
5. Appropriately enough, this school's "Victory March" was written by the Shea brothers.
6. Meredith Willson, composer of "The Music Man," also wrote the fight song for what school?
7. This school's band plays "Fight On" and "Tribute to Troy" throughout the whole game.
8. What school uses the bluegrass standard "Rocky Top" as a fight song?
9. And what school uses the McCoy's "Hang On Sloopy" as an unofficial fight song?
10. "Down, Down the field goes old" who?
11. Who is " in town again, Team, Team, Team!"
12."Fling out that dear old flag of Orange and Blue, Lead on your sons and daughters, fighting for you" is sung at what school?
13. Yale's "Boola Boola" shares its tune with what other school's song?
14."I'm a Ramblin' Wreck from" who "and a hell of an engineer?",
15. What school has re-written the "When you say Budweiser" song for itself?
16. "The eyes of" who "are upon you, all the livelong day?"
17. "War Eagle" is the fight song of what school?

Bonus: The French military march "Le Regiment de Sambre et Meuse" by Jean Robert Planquette is better known as the accompaniment to what football game tradition?

Super Bonus: "Foward, together foward, There's victory in view, Come on you Huskies, Fight on you Huskies, And win for" who?

Good Luck!!!

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