Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #191 - 10/20/04

Cast of Characters

Ever notice how some songs name lots of different people, real and fictional, in the lyrics? Each question this week lists the cast of characters of a song (not every character is always included) - you tell me the song and artist.

1. The Warden, Spider Murphy, Number 47, Number 3, Shifty Henry, Bugs
2. Uncle Sam, P.T. Barnum, Charlie Chan
3. Mary, Marilyn Monroe, Greg, Kobe
4. Yoko, Mr. Hughes, Dylan, Mary Lou, Johnny B. Goode
5. B.B. Bumble and the Stingers, Lonnie Mack and Ray Charles Singers
6. Lollipop, Peggy Sue, Miss Molly
7. Sweetness, Speedy Willie, Samurai Mike, Jimmy, Gary, The Fridge
8. The Hendersons, Pablo Fanque, Henry the Horse
9. Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Gideon
10. Greta Garbo and Monroe, Dietrich and DiMaggio
11. Leonard Bernstein, Leonid Brezhnev, Lenny Bruce, Lester Bangs
12. Bobby Dylan, the Beatles, Timothy Leary
13. The Eggman, Mr. City Policeman, Lucy, Crabalocker Fishwife, Edgar Allan Poe
14. Jesus Christ, Pilate, Anastasia, the Kennedys
15. Tupac, Chris, Aaliyah, Bush, Halle, Denzel
16. Johnny, Man in the Trench Coat, Man in the Coon-Skin Cap, the D.A., Maggie, the Vandals
17. Rudolph Valentino, Bela Lugosi, Bette Davis, George Sanders, Mickey Rooney

Bonus: Speedy, Pokey, Blinkey

Good Luck!!!

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