Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #19 - 7/4/01


For the Fourth of July, 2001, Becky's Island salutes the city where it all started - BOSTON! See how much you know about the artists from the Hub, and songs that mention it. Then go boil some lobster, watch the Pops, and have a great day!

Get ready, get on your mark, 1-2-3, let's start!

1. "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" is what band's only Number 1 hit?
2. Was the song "Rock and Roll Band," featured on the first album by the band Boston, autobiographical?
3. What female folk singer studied drama at Boston University?
4. She was born LaDonna Gaines in Boston on December 31, 1948. What name do we know her better by?
5. What is James Taylor's singing brother's name?
6. What former member of New Edition is now more infamous as the husband of Whitney Houston?
7. Their hits included "My Best Friend's Girl," Shake it Up" and "Hello Again."
8. Were the Standells, who recorded "Dirty Water," from Boston?
9. Who is the current conductor of the Boston Pops?
10. In 1967, a novelty remake of "Wild Thing" featured a comedian impersonating a member of a prominent Boston family. What name was the song recorded under, and whose voice was being imitated?
11 Don Henley was active in the preservation of what Boston-area natural landmark?
12. In what Barry Manilow song does he boast of going "from Boston to Denver, and every town in between?"
13. Their big Number 1 hit from 1982 was "Centerfold." Who are they?
14. Aimee Mann was lead singer of what Boston band, who hit with "Voices Carry?"
15. The first House of Blues opened in what Boston suburb?
16 Who, collectively, were Joey, Donnie, Danny, Jon, and Jordan?
17. According to the Bee Gees, where did the lights all go out?

Bonus: Tom Scholz, mastermind of the band Boston, has a degree in mechanical engineering from what Boston-area university?

Good Luck!!!

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