Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #181 - 8/11/04

The Name Game: Robbing Peter...

All our answers this week feature someone with a variation of the name "Peter" - and don't forget how it's spelled in other languages!

1. The original Beatles' drummer
2. Composer of The Nutcracker and the 1812 Overture, among others
3. Standards singer who co-starred with Steve Martin in 'The Jerk'
4. The Hermits' Herman
5. Disco artist who hit with "Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me"
6. Please, lock them away, and don't allow the day...
7. Guitarist and singer of Badfinger
8. R.E.M's guitarist and mandolinist
9. Mr. Chicago in the '80s
10. Who do you think their guitarist was?
11. Sergei Prokofiev's greatest hit
12. The "Freek-A-Leek" rapper
13. French-born guest conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
14. The sisters in The Bangles
15. Paul and Mary's partner
16. Hey, hey, he's a Monkee
17. Old and In the Way guitarist who wrote "Panama Red"

Bonus: TV theme featured on the soundtrack to "The Blues Brothers"

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #181 Answers

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