Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #180 - 8/4/04

Grateful Dead Story Songs

The songs of the Grateful Dead often told stories. This week, can you figure out the Dead song from this summary?

1. Woman cross-dresses in order to join military to be with boyfriend
2. A year in the life of a traveling band
3. Lupine creature plays cards with dead man
4. The last two survivors of a nuclear attack discuss what's happened
5. Man discusses his suicide attempt with a friend
6. Dying man observes what's going on around him
7. Miner oversleeps
8. Botched jewelry-store robbery
9. Substance-impaired railroad staff members cause train wreck
10. Simian causes runaway train on owner's lunch break
11. London tourist sees girl with flowers in hair
12. Uncle Sam speaks
13. Two-timing fugitive runs all over the West
14. Two fugitives run all over the West
15. Two related fugitives run all over the West; only one makes it to Mexico
16. Southern fugitive runs away, then goes on trial
17. Cowboy visits bar, finds girlfriend, and gets shot

Bonus: Bible characters perform routine household tasks

Good Luck!!!

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