Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #17 - 6/20/01

Common Ground, Part 1


This was a tough one; thanks for bearing with me.

1. Manic Monday; Sugar Walls: Both were written by Prince and given to female artists (Bangles and Sheena Easton).
2. Mull of Kintyre; Amazing Grace
: Both feature bagpipes.
3. Rhythm of My Heart; In a Big Country
: Both feature guitars trying to sound like bagpipes.
4. Killer Queen; Take Me Back to Chicago
: Both feature the group's name in the song title (Queen and Chicago).
5. Mr. Roboto; Sukiyaki
: Both feature Japanese words in the lyrics.
6.Gangsta's Paradise; Wild Wild West
: Both feature samples of Stevie Wonder songs.
7. Somethin' Stupid; Unforgettable
: Both are father-daughter duets (Nancy and Frank Sinatra, Nat King and Natalie Cole).
8. Monster Mash; The Twist
: In both cases, the exact same record charted twice in two different years. 
9. My Generation; Another One Bites the Dust
: Both feature very prominent bass guitar solos.
10. Bridge Over Troubled Water; Spanish Harlem
: Both have been covered, very well I might add, by Aretha Franklin.
11. Bad Blood; Whatever Gets You Through the Night
: Both feature Elton John on background vocals.
12. Pride (in the Name of Love); Abraham Martin and John
: Both are written about Martin Luther King, Jr.
13. Another Day; It Don't Come Easy
: Both are the first hits of an ex-Beatle after the breakup of the Beatles.
14. I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song; Watching The Wheels
: Both charted after the artist died.
15. Take It Easy; Come On Eileen
: Both feature the banjo.
16. How Deep is Your Love; A Fifth of Beethoven
: Both are on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.
17. Somebody's Watching Me; We Are the World
: Both feature uncredited vocals by Michael Jackson.

Bonus: Tear the Roof Off the Sucker; Keep It Comin' Love: Oops. You get this one for free. I had thought the two songs had a similar bass line, but it turns out it's not THAT similar. See if you can find what I'm talking about, though.

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