Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #174 - 6/23/04

Around The World: U.S. States


1. Neil Diamond and Deep Purple both hit the charts with this song: "Kentucky Woman"
2. Their hits included "Fire" and "Sweet Sticky Thing"
: Ohio Players
3. Bon Jovi's Number One album followup to "Slippery When Wet"
: "New Jersey"
4. This was R. Dean Taylor's only hit, from 1970
: "Indiana Wants Me"
5. "It started in Scranton, it's now Number One"
: "The Pennsylvania Polka"
6. This was Train's first hit, from 1999
: "Meet Virginia"
7. Lynyrd Skynyrd's second most famous song after "Free Bird"
: "Sweet Home Alabama"
8. According to the Bee Gees, "The lights all went out" here
: "Massachusetts"
9. Grateful Dead song that includes the line "I woke up feeling mean, went down to play the slot machine"
: "Tennessee Jed"
10. Johnny Horton's last hit, from a John Wayne movie
: "North To Alaska"
11. A Conway Twitty/Loretta Lynn duet
: "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man"
12. Their hits included "Point of Know Return" and "Dust in the Wind"
: Kansas
13. Traditional bluegrass humor song recorded by Bela Fleck, Jerry Garcia and David Grisman
: "Arkansas Traveler"
14. David Lee Roth's first solo hit, a Beach Boys cover:
"California Girls"
15. TV theme that was a Top Ten hit for The Ventures in 1969
: "Hawaii Five-O"
16. Bruce Springsteen's acoustic album that includes "Johnny 99" and "My Father's House"
: "Nebraska"
17. A 1986 country duet for Marie Osmond and Dan Seals
: "Meet Me In Montana"

Bonus: Ray Charles' first Number One hit, from 1960, it's since been made the official state song of the state in the title: "Georgia On My Mind"

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