Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #166 - 4/28/04

Instrument-al Songs

Each of this week's clues will help you think of a song that has a musical instrument in the title.

1. A 1959 hit that told the story of Little Jimmy Brown
2. Billy Joel's autobiographical song
3. The Deliverance theme
4. The only hit for Stevie Wonder in 1964
5. A Number One hit for Dave "Baby" Cortez in 1959
6. The last song on the first Grateful Dead album
7. Martha Jefferson sings this in "1776"
8. Elvis Presley and Bread both recorded songs with this title
9. KC and the Sunshine Band encourage us to make lots of noise in this song
10. The first American hit for the Miami Sound Machine
11. An early Rod Stewart favorite
12. Preston Epps' only chart hit
13. Professor Harold Hill snookered people into buying instruments with this song
14. Johnny Cymbal took this into the Top Twenty in 1963
15. Sandy Nelson's 1961 hit
16. Paul McCartney released this album, appropriately enough, following "Tug of War"
17. Benny Hill's theme song

Bonus: A favorite at Oktoberfest that Bela Fleck also recorded - on the wrong instrument!

Good Luck!!!

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