Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #162 - 3/31/04

Fruit Basket

Spring means flowers, but this quiz means fruit. All the answers have something to do with some sort of fruit. Yum!

1." Nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about"
2. They were "Reunited" in 1979
3. This "Is gonna be a sudden craze" according to Donovan
4. We listened while they played "My Green Tambourine" in 1968
5. A Prince hit from 1985
6. The "Incense and Peppermints" band
7. The Beatles' label
8. German synth group
9. Harry Belafonte's signature song, from 1957
10. Mongo Santamaria and Herbie Hancock both recorded this
11. "God didn't make" these, "and it don't snow in Minneapolis in the wintertime"
12. Drink mentioned in the Kinks' "Lola"
13. A Sergei Prokofiev opera with a famous march
14. Annette Funicello had a hit with this in 1960
15. Peter, Paul & Mary's first chart hit
16. Billy Corgan's band
17. Her one hit to date is "Criminal" from 1997

Bonus: A ballet set to music of Arthur Sullivan

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #162 Answers

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