Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #161 - 3/24/04

Alias Smith and Jones


1. "What's New Pussycat" singer: Tom Jones
2. A Man in Black gettin' jiggy wit it in Miami
: Will Smith
3. He produced Michael Jackson's "Thriller"
: Quincy Jones
4. Engineer who shouldn't have had a hit with "Oh Babe, What Would You Say"
: Hurricane Smith
5. British synth whiz whose biggest hit was "No One Is To Blame"
:Howard Jones
6. Christian singer who found "A Place In This World" in 1991
: Michael W. Smith
7. The shortest Monkee
: Davy Jones
8. They covered "Baby, It's You" in 1969
: Smith
9. He had a barrow in the marketplace, she was a singer with the band
: Desmond and Molly Jones
10. KC's guitarist
: Jerome Smith
11. Chuck E. was in love with her in 1979
: Rickie Lee Jones
12. He took the "Double Dutch Bus" in 1981
: Frankie Smith
13. A Grateful Dead favorite from "Workingman's Dead"
: "Casey Jones"
14. "Little Green Apples" singer
: O.C. Smith
15. A "Handy Man" who had "Good Timin'" in 1960
: Jimmy Jones
16. He was Kaiser Bill's Batman
: Whistling Jack Smith
17. Billy Paul's only Number One hit
: "Me and Mrs. Jones"

Bonus: A Cryin' Shames song: "Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David, Smith and Jones"

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