Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #16 - 6/13/01

There Ain't No Bugs On Me

Bees, flies, mosquitos, ladybugs, and all sorts of other insects buzz by in this week's quiz. It's interesting how far back I had to go to find these songs. I think this quiz has the highest percentage of songs from the '50s and the pre-Beatles '60s.

Get ready, get on your mark, 1-2-3, let's start!

1. What song's first line is "You're sweet as a honey bee"?
2. "Flea" is the bass player for what band?
3. And speaking of bass players who go by one name, who was that person for The Police?
4. Who had a number 2 hit in 1961 with "The Boll Weevil Song?"
5. This instrumental group, later immortalized in a Kinks song, recorded "Beatnik Fly" in 1960. Who were they?
6. What was Jewel Akens' only chart hit?
7. Similarly, what was Bob Lind's only chart hit?
8. What was the name of the band who visited Gilligan's Island?
9. Curtis Mayfield did the score to this blaxploitation movie, starring Ron O'Neal.
10. B. Bumble and the Stingers' "Bumble Boogie" was a novelty version of music by what Russian composer?
11. The title song of what rock musical described "A home for the fleas/A hive for the buzzin' bees/A nest for birds?"
12. This was a number 14 hit for Billie and Lillie in 1959.
13. What was Buddy Holly and the Crickets' first hit, in 1957?
14. And what British band named themselves partially in honor of the Crickets?
15. Did Chubby Checker ever have a dance hit with "The Fly?"
16. Her biggest hit was "The End of the World."
17. According to the Ohio Players, who lives "six feet down" and "only comes around when he wants to get down"?

Bonus: On their children's album 'Not for Kids Only,' who recorded the song that titles this quiz?

Good Luck!!!

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