Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #150 - 1/7/04

1969: 35 Years Ago

1. What group made their last-ever public appearance on a rooftop in London on January 30, 1969?
2. Elvis Presley had a Number One hit in 1969. What was it?
3. Who, supposedly, exposed himself on stage in Miami in March 1969?
4. Which Temptations song hit Number One on both the pop and R&B charts in October 1969?
5. What was the name of the man being sung to in "Wedding Bell Blues" by the Fifth Dimension?
6. The cast album from what Broadway show spent thirteen weeks at Number One in 1969?
7. Her family had "No Doubt" she'd grow up to be famous when she was born on October 3, 1969.
8. Who replaced Brian Jones in the Rolling Stones?
9. Which of these bands did not appear at Woodstock: Santana, Grateful Dead, Sly and the Family Stone, or Chicago Transit Authority?
10. Which of these bands did not appear at Altamont: Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Creedence Clearwater Revival, or the Rolling Stones?
11. A rumor about one of the Beatles swept the country in the fall of 1969. What was it?
12. This movie and singing legend went "Over the Rainbow" for the last time on June 22, 1969.
13. "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye," a Number One hit in 1969, has since become a sports arena standard. What group recorded it?
14. He's been a member of New Edition, a solo star, and a famous husband, and he was born on February 5, 1969. Who is he?
15. Who got married on March 20, 1969?
16. What science-fiction song was Number One for most of the summer of 1969?
17. He was born Sean Combs on November 4, 1969. By what name do we know him today?

Bonus: Who is Meredith Hunter and why did he become famous in 1969?

Good Luck!!!

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