Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #136 - 10/1/03

Big Ten - Buckeyes

It's Big Ten football season! Time to recognize the artists from the Buckeye State of Ohio, where I was born in 1965. I was surprised at just how many R&B artists came out of this state. Go Bucks!

1. What 1965 hit is the unofficial theme song of the Ohio State football team?
2. This Akron-born singer/guitarist moved to England and founded The Pretenders.
3. They urged white boys to "Play That Funky Music" in 1976.
4. The Cars are usually identified with Boston, but Ric Ocasek and Ben Orr actually started playing together in what Ohio city?
5. Their hits included "Fire," "Who'd She Coo" and "Funky Worm."
6. Bluegrass dobro player and Becky's Island cat namesake Jerry Douglas is from what eastern Ohio city?
7. This early rock DJ ran his show out of Cleveland, and this was the excuse used to locate the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame there. Who is he?
8. "Yummy Yummy Yummy," who had love in their tummy?
9. Which Rat Packer was born Dino Crocetti, in Steubenville?
10. In Cincinnati in 1979, fans outside a concert panicked and stormed the doors, resulting in eleven deaths. What band were they so eager to see?
11. "Cleveland Rocks" was used as the theme song for what 90s sitcom?
12. The "Love Train" for this vocal group started in Canton in 1958
13. How many dead in "Ohio," according to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young?
14. This Cleveland native was lead singer of the Raspberries before going out on his own with a few hits borrowing from Rachmaninoff. Who is he?
15. Tom Scholz, mastermind of the group Boston, grew up in which Ohio city?
16. This Cincinnati native was the bassist for George Clinton's bands and had a few hits on his own. Who is he?
17. The members of Devo met while students at which Ohio university?

Bonus: This Cincinnati family act is probably the longest running successful musical act in rock and R&B - they started in 1955 and had a Number One album just this past year, something to "Shout" about. Who are they?

Good Luck!!!

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