Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #133 - 9/10/03

Rolling Stones in the '70s


1. Who replaced Brian Jones on guitar from 1969 to 1974?: Mick Taylor
2. What was the name of the live Stones album released in 1970, documenting the 1969 tour?: Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!
3. What was unusual about the cover of the Stones' 1971 album Sticky Fingers?
: It contained a real working zipper! (People my age, remember how you used to go to the record stores and pull down the zipper?)
4. What was the Rolling Stones' first Number 1 song of the '70s, from that album?
: "Brown Sugar"
5. "Tumbling Dice," "Happy," "Rocks Off" and "Sweet Black Angel" are all cuts on what landmark 1972 Stones album?: Exile on Main Street
6. Stones sideman Bobby Keys played what instrument?
: Saxophone
7. What Motown singer toured with the Stones in 1972?
: Stevie Wonder
8. "Angie," their biggest hit of 1973, was supposedly inspired by the wife of what singer?
: David Bowie
9. Mick Jagger sang backup, to great effect, on what Carly Simon song?
: "You're So Vain"
10. The Stones had a hit in 1974 with a cover of what Temptations song?
: "Ain't Too Proud to Beg"
11. Who joined the Rolling Stones in 1975?
: Ron Wood
12. Black And Blue contained which Top Ten hit for the Stones in 1976?
: "Fool To Cry"
13. Which Rolling Stone was arrested for drug posession in Canada in 1977?
: Keith Richards
14. What was the name of the live Stones album released in 1977?
: Love You Live
15. To date, this 1978 hit is their last Number 1 song in the United States.
: "Miss You" (what a great song!)
16. "Shattered" describes what city?
: New York City (Manhattan)
17. In what year did the Rolling Stones first play on "Saturday Night Live?"
: 1978

Bonus: Mick Jagger's solo "Memo from Turner," released in 1970, contains a slide guitar part by what Becky's Island favorite artist?: Ry Cooder

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