Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #123 - 7/2/03

The First Americans


1. This "Half-Breed" singer and actress really is part Native American. Who is she?: Cher
2. Jorgen Ingmann & His Guitar had his only U.S. hit in 1961 with what song?:
3. What Native American nation was referenced in the Raiders' "Indian Reservation?"
: Cherokee
4. This non-Native American instrumental group had a hit in 1969 with "Keem-O-Sabe."
: The Electric Indian
5. What was the title of Johnny Preston's 1960 hit that told a Romeo and Juliet story in a Native American setting?
: "Running Bear"
6. Which member of The Band (and songwriter of "Broken Arrow") is part Mohawk?
: Robbie Robertson
7. This Canadian folksinger, a full-blooded Cree, wrote "The Universal Soldier" and co-wrote "Up Where We Belong."
: Buffy Sainte-Marie
8. Which hugely successful California country-rock band of the '70s supposedly took their name from Native American symbolism?
: Eagles
9. Who is Felipe Rose and what is he doing in this quiz?
: He's the Indian character in the Village People and yes, he is part Native American
10. This band made up of Native Americans had a big hit in 1974 with "Come and Get Your Love."
: Redbone
11. What was Tim McGraw's first pop hit, from 1994?
: "Indian Outlaw"
12. Which guitar innovator of the '50s, who had a hit with "Rumble," is part Native American?
: Link Wray
13. Which guitar innovator of the '60s was one-quarter Cherokee?
: Jimi Hendrix
14. Where, according to the Cowsills, is "the scene you should make with your little one?"
: "Indian Lake"
15. Of Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, or Jerry Garcia, which one does not have some Native American ancestry?
: Jerry Garcia.
16. Who was "The Indian of the group" in the Mothers of Invention?
: Jimmy Carl Black (thank you, Kevin Murphy!)
17. Which female country singer, whose late stepfather was an Ojibway, took a first name which means "I'm on my way" in Ojibway?
: Shania Twain

Bonus: "Indians scattered on dawn's highway, bleeding, ghosts crowd the young child's fragile eggshell mind" is a quote from which Doors song?: "Peace Frog"

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