Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #122 - 6/25/03

The Becky's Island Mall: Shoe Store

Now for some shoes!

1. Go cat go, but don't you step on these
2. Run-DMC's favorite kind of sneakers
3. Nancy Sinatra's first hit, from 1966
4. MC Hammer's attempted comeback hit from 1994
5. According to Elvis Costello, the angels want to wear these
6. Elton John asked this in 1984
7. Elton John's drummer, Nigel Olsson, had a solo hit with this
8. "I Can't Wait" group
9. KC wanted to put on his his his his his
10. According to Billy Joel, "Only Flagg Brothers had them with the Cuban heels"
11. Tommy Tucker and Jose Feliciano both had a hit with this song
12. Nelly wanted "two pairrrr" of these
13. They sang about "More Than Just The Two Of Us" in 1982
14. An Eddie Kendricks hit from 1975
15. Brooks and Dunn's big country dance hit
16. Brand of tennis shoes mentioned in Missy Elliott's "Back in the Day"
17. This Sisqo hit wasn't about shoes, but you might not know that from the title

Bonus: The P-Funk bass player

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #122 Answers

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