Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #119 - 6/4/03

The Becky's Island Mall: Jewelry Store

Welcome to the Becky's Island Mall! Our first stop on this shopping trip is the Jewelry Store. Every answer in this quiz contains something you might buy at a jewelry store.

This quiz, and all the other mall quizzes, is dedicated to everyone who worked or shopped at Scottsdale Mall in South Bend, Indiana, which I understand is soon to meet the wrecking ball. It's where I bought all my records in my childhood!!!

1. Dutch band who had "Radar Love"
2. A one-hit wonder in 1982 with "If The Love Fits"
3. This was a hit for Dion in 1963
4. And this was a hit for Prince in 1991
5. She would never say where she came from
6. Mariah Carey's 2002 album
7. An early Kiss album track
8. He didn't bring Barbra flowers anymore
9. The Beatles will buy you this, my friend, if it makes you feel allright
10. R&B vocal trio who hit with "You Want It, You Got It" in 1972
11. Among their hits were "Little Darlin' " and "The Stroll."
12. Eddie Vedder's group
13. Seals and Crofts' big 1973 hit
14. What Gary Lewis and the Playboys were selling in 1965
15. Her only hit was "Thinking of You" from 1989
16. Mick's daughter
17. Jamaican rap band who hit with "Slam" in 1993

Bonus: In the song "Teen Angel" by Mark Dinning, what piece of jewelry did the girl try to save?

Good Luck!!!

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