Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #118 - 5/28/03

The Brothers Gibb

Other than the Jacksons, I can't think of another family who has contributed more to the world of pop music than the Gibbs. Andy, Barry, Maurice, and Robin collectively gave us nearly 35 years worth of hit songs as singers, musicians, songwriters and producers. I think I could have written three quizzes on them. Ellan Vannin should be proud!

1. Which of the two Gibb brothers are twins?
2. In what country did the three oldest brothers form the Bee Gees?
3. What was the Bee Gees' first hit in the United States, from 1967?
4. Where did the lights go out?
5. Why does the singer "just gotta get a message to you?"
6. Which Gibb brother played the bass?
7. Of "Jive Talkin,' "Nights On Broadway," or "You Should Be Dancing," which Bee Gees song did not hit Number 1?
8. What was Andy Gibb's first Number 1 hit, from the summer of 1977?
9. What was the Bee Gees' first Number 1 hit from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack?
10. Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother, what are you doing?
11. Andy Gibb's second Number 1 song told us that love was thicker than what?
12. Various Gibb brothers wrote, produced, and sang backup on "Emotion" in 1978. Who sang lead on the song?
13. Barry Gibb wrote the theme song for what other popular 1978 musical?
14. Three members of what Becky's Island favorite band played as guest artists on the Bee Gees' Spirits Having Flown album?
15. Which Gibb brother recorded a hit cover of the Beatles' "Oh Darlin'"?
16. Barry Gibb wrote and produced "Islands in the Stream" for what two country artists?
17. What did Barry and Robin announce in early 2003 following Maurice Gibb's death?

Bonus: What is the name of the city on the Isle of Man where the three oldest Gibb brothers were born? (Hint: It has the same name as a favorite pet on the Isle of Becky.)

Good Luck!!!

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