Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #11 - 5/9/01


April showers bring May Storms, from Chicago all the way to Las Vegas. Stay inside, out of the rain and see how many songs about rain and other storms you remember.

1. What was Chi Coltrane's only chart hit, from 1972?
2. This former member of Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne hit in 1978 with Thunder Island. Who is he?
3. What Prince song includes the line "It's such a shame our friendship had to end?"
4. "Laughter in the Rain" was a comeback hit for what singer?
5. What Doors song was on the charts when Jim Morrison died?
6. Who provided the (very low) spoken voice on Love Unlimited's 1972 hit Walkin' in the Rain with the One I Love?
7. What was the first song on John Mellencamp's "Scarecrow" album?
8. The Tornadoes were the first British group to have a Number 1 hit in the United States. What was the name of their song?
9. What Beatles song is usually regarded as the first song to use backward tapes?
10. This was the only gold single for the band Classics IV.
11. What German heavy metal band sang "Rock You Like a Hurricane?"
12. What Billy Joel album included "We Didn't Start the Fire?"
13. Who sang the now campy classic "It's Raining Men?"
14. What was the name of the Irish band that appeared in the movie Titanic?
15. This Garth Brooks song had a controversial video about a wife who shoots her husband. What was the name of the song?
16. Whose first chart hit was "Fire and Rain?"
17. From Chi Coltrane, to Chicago - What was the name of their minor hit from Chicago X in which Peter Cetera affected a Latin American accent?

Bonus: What are the next three words in this Grateful Dead song? It's alright, 'cause I love you/And that's not gonna change/Run me round, make me hurt again and again/But I'll still sing you love songs/Written in the letters of your name/And brave the storm to come/For it surely...

Good Luck!

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