Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #106 - 3/5/03

Hobby Corner

Each of the musicians in this week's quiz has or had a very high profile hobby, interest, or pastime in addition to music. The hobbies do not include acting or playing music outside their normal bands or genres, and none relate to drugs or sex. (Just to be fair.)

1. Ted Nugent
2. Jimmy Buffett
3. Charlie Watts
4. Simon LeBon
5. Linda McCartney
6. Tom Scholz
7. Rod Stewart
8. David Lee Roth
9. Jerry Garcia
10. Dennis Wilson
11. Bono
12. Elton John
13. Diana Ross
14. Alice Cooper
15. George Harrison
16. Jimmy Page
17. Bruce Hornsby

Bonus: According to Pink Floyd, what was Arnold Layne's "strange hobby?"

Good Luck!!!

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