Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #10 - 5/2/01

'80s Music Videos

Remember back when MTV actually was MUSIC Television as opposed to Stupid Shows Television? Remember the great - and not-so-great - music videos of the '80s? See how many you remember here. I've given you a description of the video, you tell me the name of the song and the artist.

Get ready, get on your mark, 1-2-3, let's start!

1. Wimpy guy stops gang fight by leading both sides in a dance
2. Two words - REN FAIRE
3. Band sings on large sailboat and one member gets bitten on the toe by a crab
4. Camera follows a very long amplifier cord through a swamp
5. Woman in black dances on Venetian gondola and ducks as it goes under a bridge
6. Cow walks around table while orange-haired woman spins globe
7. Fake water-skiing!
8. Woman gets pulled into comic book story about motorcycle racers; man appears in real-life at the end
9. Man runs around candle maze and knocks them down at the end
10. Woman argues with parents, calls friends, leads conga line through the streets of New York City, and everyone ends up in one room at the end
11. Mechanic returns car keys to wealthy woman's house
12. Alice visits the Mad Hatter and gets turned into a cake.
13. Man dances with woman who has a scarf over her head while another woman
plays the guitar
14. Drama professor is in love with blind student
15. Very tall famous comedian lip-syncs the song while the very short artist just sits there and looks at us
16. Singer dreams he has his own TV network while spoofing other popular videos of the time
17. Man with strange hairdo plays keyboard on revolving platform, and yes, you can see the camera!

Bonus: Skeleton marionettes morph into live humans wearing the same clothes

Double Bonus (If anyone except a select few of you get this, I will be FLOORED)
Young girl rescues man from shipwreck and leads him to a big house where all sorts of weird things are going on

Good Luck!

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